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as soon as possible

In the Institute of Micro- und Nanotechnologies at the Group Nanotechnologies at the Technische Universität Ilmenau (Germany) is a vacancy for a

Doctoral and Postdoctoral Research Positions(f/m/d)

as soon as possible.

The “Nanotechnology Group” is conducting interdisciplinary research in the fields of localized gas phase electrodeposition, nanoparticle deposition, nanoelectronics, metallurgy, and reactive materials. Furthermore, assembly and transfer techniques for microscopic and nanoscopic elements are evaluated to enable heterogeneous integration. Our projects involve combinatorial exploratory research at the intersection between nanotechnology, material science, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering.

Our group is currently looking for motivated and engaged researchers in the following trusts:

Trust A:

Localized gas phase deposition technologies to enable the directed growth of micro- and nanostructures. To achieve this, nanoparticles

are deposited from the gas phase in two and three dimensions following a 3-D nanoprinter approach.

Trust B:

Localized gas phase deposition technologies to enable the directed nanoparticle deposition of reactive multilayer systems. To achieve

this, reactive nanostructured films containing reactive nanoparticles are deposited following a sputter free “reactive multi-layer nanofoils” avenue.

Trust C:

Fluidic surface tension directed assembly of microscopic chips. To achieve this, liquid solder based receptors capture microscopic chips including LEDs and transistors. Here, the surface chemistrym and surface tension play an important role and fluidic handling systems for chip transport and observation are relevant.

Your tasks

The position includes the following responsibilities:

  • Planning, implementation, evaluation, and documentation of experimental work.
  • Design and implementation of the necessary lithographic patterning processes to fabricate nanostructures, chips, substrates or interconnects.
  • Application and further development of existing methods and models for the transport, transfer and assembly of macroscopic chips or nanoparticles.
  • Analysis and evaluation of material properties.
  • Demonstration of novel applications and fabrication processes.
  • Preparation of publications and project proposals from previously evaluated demonstrators.

    Your profile

    For being part of the selection process is needed:

    Setting requirements are a scientific university degree (Master, Dr., PhD) in materials science, chemistry, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering or comparable.

    Following competences are desirable:

    Experience in the following areas is desirable: semiconductor processing technology, lithography, microsystems fabrication, advanced printed circuit boards, assembly of chips on various substrates, directed self-assembly, material transfer, and 3D modelling/simulation. The applicant is expected to exhibit a high degree of experimental skill, experience in design of prototypes and mechanical constructions. Applicants should point out those qualifications in their application.

    Selection Process

    As an applicant it is important to show that you are (i) qualified to work in one of the 3 trust areas and that you have (ii) own ideas or are (iii) capable to develop own research questions/ideas to advance the current knowledge in one of the mentioned research topics.

    To do this your application letter needs to select one Trust (A, B, or C). Without selection it will not be reviewed. Moreover, your application letter needs to provide answers to the following questions. The review process is based on points you gains on the trust specific answers.

    1. What is the research of your chosen trust about (look at the literature)?
    2. Are there any other research groups besides us that you know of or can find that are working on this trust area on an international level?
    3. What technological approaches and methods are used in this trust?
    4. Do you have any background or experience in these fields or why would you think you would be qualified to enter this research area and successfully engage in an independent doctoral or postdoctoral research?
    5. Describe at least one idea of your own of what you would research in the respective project that goes beyond the current state of the art and that would advance the knowledge in this research area?

    Letters of application without answers to these 5 questions will not be considered.

    Please provide evidence of the qualifications required for the job by certificates and references. Your application must contain at least the following documents:

    • Cover letter (including Trust selection and answers to the questions)
    • Curriculum vitae
    • Master's or PhD certificate (or provisional certificate)
    • Transcript of records (overview of studies incl. grades)

        Please provide evidence of the qualifications required for the job by certificates and references.

        This position is not divisible.

        What we offer you:

        • attractive remuneration according to collective agreement (as per TV-L) incl. granting of a special annual payment
        • vacation entitlement of 30 days in the calendar year and additional days off on 24 / 31 December
        • flexible working time model
        • VBL - pension scheme in the public sector

        From individual advancement with a wide range of continuing education opportunities to a variety of health and recreational offerings, you can expect an appreciative working environment at a renowned university at TU Ilmenau. In addition to an attractive, family friendly working hour’s model, you will also benefit from advantages such as the use of the dining halls of the Studiendenwerk Thüringen, as well as participation in several attractive sport offers from the university owned sport centrum.

        The university stands in the fields of technology, mathematics and natural sciences, business and media for teaching and research at the highest level. It attaches particular importance to innovativ teaching and interdisciplinary. It identifies with Humboldt's ideals and pursues the vision of a cosmopolitan campus family. 

        Technische Universität llmenau is holder of the „TOTAL E-Quality“distinction and emphasizes gendered quality.

        Severely disabled applicants with essentially identical professional suitability will be preferentially selected.

        Technische Universität Ilmenau offers flexible working time models.


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