volume: 50 %
restriction: three years
salary: TV-L EG 13
beginning: as soon as possible

The “Nanotechnology Group” at the Institute of Micro- and Nanotechnology at the TECHNISCHE UNIVERSITÄT ILMENAU, Germany offers

1 Doctoral Thesis Research Positions in the Field of Micro-Assembly(f/m/d) FG Project: “Advancing Self-Assembly and Transfer to the Next Level”

The successful candidate will be responsible for research in the field of micro-assembly. The task is to study and advance novel assembly methods that enable the assembly and electrical connection of microscopic components. The physical principle of positioning and electrical connection should focus and advance the current state of the art of surface tension-based self-assembly principles which mount electronic components which are suspended in a liquid. Microfluidic concepts may be used. The project is funded through the Deutsche Forschungsgesellschaft (DFG). Depending on the quality of the research and innovations achieved by the candidate a doctoral thesis may be completed.

The research includes design, implementation and evaluation of experimental work, specifically:

  • The design and implementation of the necessary physical experimental platforms to house and monitor the self-assembly experiments (mechanical engineering, working microfluidic and self-assembly platforms have to be built, several iterations are anticipating to discover working platforms, a self-driven approach is key to success).
  • The fabrication of the microscopic parts and substrates (established micromachining and lithographic methods are applied, conventional lab work in the cleanroom).
  • Proof of applicability through building novel electronic systems that contain disparate electronic parts
Setting requirements are a scientific university degree (Diploma / Masters) in materials science, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering or comparable. Experience in the following areas is desirable: semiconductor technology, manufacturing of microsystems, heterogeneous integration, fluidic and/or self-assembly, microfluidics, experimental fluid dynamics. The applicant is expected to exhibit a high degree of experimental skill, experience in design of prototypes and mechanical constructions. Applicants should point out those qualifications in the application. In addition, the applicant needs to be able to derive a deep intellectual penetration of the underlying physical concepts which enable assembly to publish the results.

Selection Process: As an applicant it is important that you show that you are qualified to work in this area and that you are truly interested and driven to advance the current knowledge in this field of research.

To do this your application letter needs to provide concrete answers to the following four questions to be considered:

  • What is the research focus of the project (look at the literatures)?
  • Are there others working on this internationally that you can find or know of?
  • What technological approaches and methods are used?
  • Do you have any background or experience in these fields or why would you think you would be qualified to enter this research area and succeed and engaged in an independent doctoral thesis research?

The university stands in the fields of technology, mathematics and natural sciences, business and media for teaching and research at the highest level. She attaches particular importance to innovative teaching and interdisciplinarity. She identifies with Humboldt's ideals and pursues the vision of a cosmopolitan campus family.

Technische Universität Ilmenau is holder of the „TOTAL E-Quality“ distinction and emphasizes gender equality.

Severely disabled applicants with essentially identical professional suitability will be preferentially selected.

Technische Universität Ilmenau offers flexible working time models.


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