volume: 50 v. H.
restriction: initially for one year
salary: TV-L EG 13
beginning: as soon as possible

The Nanotechnology Research Group at the Institute of Micro- and Nanotechnology Germany offers

1 Doctoral Thesis Research Position

(PhD Position)(f/m/d)

The successful candidates will be responsible for Research, Development, and Applications of a Recently Discovered 3D Nanostructure Deposition Method.

Your tasks

The Applicant will start research in a project that is motivated by preliminary results. Funding to study the aspects has been received from the DFG. The main goal of the project is to gain fundamental understanding and control of the discovered process which is an atmospheric pressure gas phase deposition method. The process is substantially different from current vacuum and vapor phase deposition methods. From a technological point of view it has the potential to enable the production of nanostructured deposits beyond what is currently possible. Specifically, we believe that it is possible to enable the production of arbitrary 3D (instead of 2D) and heterogeneous multimaterial composite nanostructured deposits (instead of homogenous and unimaterial/function) with high resolution (~10 nm). The process, as it is understood so far is based on the interplay between high mobility gas ions, lower mobility charged nanoparticles/molecules, and a patterned programmable mask which supports filamentation of the material flux and patterned deposition.

The research involves installation and research of modular systems that integrate nanomaterial synthesis, nanomaterial transport, and programmable selected area multimaterial deposition in one apparatus. The applicants should mention in his/her application if he/she has experience with nanomaterial synthesis, nanomaterial transport, localized growth, aerosol science, or the installation of gas phase deposition methods.

The long-term goal is the realization of a scalable deposition process, which will allow the production of novel nanostructured materials on a surface. During the duration of the project it is essential that the candidate demonstrate the applicability of the method. Potential applications are in the areas of nanostructured absorber materials, 3D electrode structures, super capacitors, process technology, catalysis, sensors, nanostructured surfaces for energy storage or conversion.
Please indicate in your application if you have experience in one of these areas.

Our expectations

Setting requirements are a scientific university degree (Diploma / Master) in materials science, experimental physics, electrical engineering, micro or nanotechnology or comparable.

Selection Process: As an applicant you should show on one page that you are qualified and driven to advance this project. To do this your application should provide answers to the following questions:

1. What is the research focus?

2. What technological methods are used? Do you have experience in semiconductor technology, or aerosol science, or plasma physics, or gas-discharge processes, or applications of 3D nanostructures?

Without answers to these questions, your application cannot be considered.
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Technische Universität Ilmenau is holder of the „TOTAL E-Quality“ distinction and emphasizes gender equality.

Severely disabled applicants with essentially identical professional suitability will be preferentially selected.

Technische Universität Ilmenau offers flexible working time models.


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