Appointment: full-time
Salary: 37,5k-41.5k € gross/year
Start:Limitation: 01/02/2021
41 month

The “Fluid Mechanics Group” at the Institute of Thermomechanics and Fluidmechanics at the TECHNISCHE UNIVERSITÄT ILMENAU (TUIL), Germany offers following position:

PhD Student/Early Stage Researcher (f/m/d) in the

MSCA-Innovative Training Network „CoPerMix“

This PhD position is part of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network “CoPerMix – Control Prediction & Learning in Mixing processes”, funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program. CoPerMix is the coherent action of European groups in academia (fluid mechanics, geo- and environmental sciences, chemical and biological engineering) and industry who all have adopted new angles of attack to the problem of mixing according to their needs and fields of application. The aim is to obtain a new level of understanding and description on the basis of the lamellar description of mixing processes which leads to a complete prediction of the temporal evolution of the distribution of the concentration of a substance.

CoPerMix will establish a group of 15 outstanding early stage researchers (ESRs) who will be the European leaders in the field of mixing in science and engineering through a renewal of the methods and approaches in combination with a unique scientific and training program. The CoPerMix consortium involves academic institutions and industrial partners.

The main research topic of the offered PhD position will be the entrainment and turbulent mixing at the interface of atmospheric clouds. The goal is to understand the impact of turbulent mixing of clear with humid air on the broadening of the droplet size distribution. The main objectives of the planned research activities will be:
  • Development of new and extension of existing cloud-microphysical mixing models on the basis of the local Lagrangian properties of strain and vorticity in the turbulent flow
  • Understanding of the particular mixing processes that are important for a fast broadening of the droplet size distribution
  • Understanding of how the growing/shrinking droplets couple back on the vapor and supersaturation fields
  • Conduct spectral and spectral element-based numerical simulations of the mixing processes at the cloud interface
  • Analysis of the simulation data with Python scripts and comparison with experiments
    Secondments are planned during the PhD studies which will be specified in the course of the program.

    Your skills/qualifications:
    • Diploma or Master degree in mechanical engineering or aerospace/aeronautical engineering or applied mathematics,
    • Excellent knowledge of the foundations of fluid mechanics and fluid turbulence,
    • Excellent skills in applied mathematics (linear algebra, continuum mechanics, dynamical systems theory),
    • Knowledge in numerical methods for the solution of ordinary and partial differential equations,
    • Knowledge in numerical methods for the solution of ordinary and partial differential equations,
    The successful candidate will receive an attractive salary in accordance with the MSCA regulations for Early Stage Researchers. The exact salary is to be confirmed upon appointment, but may vary between € 37.500 and € 41.500 gross/year. In addition to their individual scientific projects, all fellows will benefit from further continuing education, which includes internships and secondments, a variety of training modules as well as transferable skills courses and active participation in workshops and conferences organized by the CoPerMix-network.

    Preconnected to the PhD-Position funded within the MSCA Project CoPerMix will be a five-month preparation phase (01.02.2021-30.06.2021) as an additional benefit. During this phase the candidate has the opportunity to join and integrate into the research group at TUIL in order to acquire additional specific project related scientific knowledge in high performance computing and moist convection. This preparation-phase will be paid as a part-time position by University´s own funds according to the TVL (collective agreement for public services). Therefore, in total the position is limited to 5+36 months.

    Additionally the researcher may participate in further professional trainings and programmes for doctoral candidates offered by TUIL´s Graduate-Center.

    Eligibility Criteria
    The candidates must (at the 01.06.2021) be in the first four years of their research careers (measured as full-time equivalent from the date when they obtained the degree which would entitle them to embark on a doctorate). The applicants should not be in possession of a doctoral degree, but should have the necessary qualifications to embark on a doctorate. The ESR will be required to enrole in the PhD program. The applicant (regardless of their nationalities) must not have resided or carried out their main activities (work, studies, etc.) in Germany for more than 12 months in the last 3 years.

    Candidates will be selected after evaluation based on their suitability, their resumes and on an interview, either in person or by teleconference. Please use our application portal (link below „Online application“) to provide us with a meaningful 1-page letter regarding your motivation and interests, your CV and certificates.

    The University is internationally recognized in research and teaching in the fields of technology, mathematics and natural sciences, business and media. The University emphasizes innovative teaching and interdisciplinarity. The University admits to Humboldt's educational ideals and pursues the vision of a cosmopolitan campus family.

    Technische Universität Ilmenau holds the „TOTAL E-Quality“ award with commitment in promoting gender equality.

    As an equal opportunities employer, we welcome applications from all suitably qualified persons. Persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

    Technische Universität Ilmenau offers a supportive and flexible working environment.

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